Burke: with Katie

I’ve been slacking a bit. I played Burke last Thursday with my sister, Kate, but haven’t gotten around to posting the results. Not that anyone cares. I don’t think anyone’s reading this but me. But anyway…

My sister turned 22 on Wednesday and we played 18 at Burke on Thursday. Here’s the results:

  1. I don’t know how I managed to do this: Double Bogey, 5
  2. I think one of my best drives on this hole. Birdie, 2
  3. Bogey, 4
  4. Par, 3
  5. Par, 3
  6. Par, 3
  7. Par, 4
  8. Birdie, 3
  9. Birdie, 3
  10. Par, 3
  11. Birdie, 3
  12. Par, 3
  13. Bogey, 4
  14. Birdie, 3
  15. Double Bogey, 5
  16. Par, 4
  17. Par, 4
  18. Birdie, 3

Basically, I shot par on the front and back 9s: 30, 32 for a total of 62 strokes. I would be so happy to have that from the blues at Patapsco. My sister ended with 5 over, which is pretty good considering she hasn’t played but a few times, and most of those with object holes instead of baskets.

I hope to play more with Kate, and my brother, and it’s nice to see them both develop an initial interest in the game without my involvement.