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Patapsco and Burke: The Glutton is Back!

Hello to everyone who doesn’t read this blog and I think that covers EVERYONE. :)

I’m back! I haven’t posted much as this was mainly a blog about my adventures playing disc golf and I haven’t played in a few months. Well, I played 2, yes 2!, rounds this last weekend. Not only that, but I also played in my first 2 tourneys evar!

The first one was on Saturday at Patapsco. It was their annual Ice-Bowl (winter DG to raise money for the Food Bank) and I had to play. I just had to. I’d been itching to play and to enjoy being Patapsco’s bitch once again. I finished Dead Last. Woot! And for the record, Patapsco was in Full Punishment Mode: all pins in “C” position.

Wait, I can explain! Started on 13 (shotgun start) and got a 7. Not good, but it was the first hole and the first time I’d thrown a disc in 4 months or more. I figured things would get better as I warmed up. Things did not go that way initially. On 15, I got an 11. Yes, an 11! The pin was sitting at the top of a steep hill (I swear it was like a 45 angle) and my 4th or 5th shot (my putt) missed. Upon hitting the ground, the disc flipped on edge and took off down the hill. All the way to the bottom and almost in the river! 4 strokes later, I was back near the top. I think the worst part of this mini-adventure was that I could still see the pin from where the disc stopped but there was no way I’d be able to get it up there without eating some strokes.

Finally, on 7, whose C position is like 3 miles past the A position, I got an 8. If I had gotten 4’s on those 3 holes, I would have ended up with an 80 instead of my 94. But on the plus side, I made a noob happy as I kept him from being last. ;) That won’t happen again, E! I can promise that.

At the end of the day, I realized a couple things:

  1. Being out of shape and practice does not help my game (d’uh!)
  2. Holes 1 and 2 do not have it in for me. (More below on this one)
  3. I was so sore it felt like I had been hit by a car. (Need to remedy this)

For holes 1 and 2 (I got a 4 and 3 respectively), I came to realize that they are indeed easier than I thought. The major factor in me sucking on those holes is that I’M NOT WARMED UP when I usually play them. Hence my horrible scores on the holes normally. I mean, I PARRED 2 in it’s C position. That really told me something. So, I apologize to 1 and 2 for hating them when it was my fault all along.

The next day…
I drove down to Burke Lake and played in their Ice-Bowl with my buddy Alex. It was a “bring your own partner, best disc” match. We were to play 2 rounds: one from the longs and the second from the shorts.

The first round went OK. I think we played more of my throws than Alex’s, but that’s not the point. We (Team Boozer) had fun and we didn’t come in last. :) Although I can’t find the results online yet, I know this because we were 1 stroke ahead of one of the two teams we played with. I had a couple awesome drives, but still came to realize I need to get out more and practice a few things.

After lunch, we came back to the park and there were trees down and really bad winds. Due to this, the second round was canceled for safety concerns. No problem. The last place I want to be in high winds is in the woods with dead shit waiting to fall.

It was a good day, non the less, as we had a good time, and lots of money and food was raised for the food bank.

I also got 2 new discs (one from each IB).

So, that was the extent of my weekend and it’s nice to know that playing in 40 degree weather ain’t that bad. Just need to keep moving and stay warm.

Off topic, my brother was in the Letterman audience last Friday. Here he is:

Patapsco, 3rd time in 3 days

I played Patapsco again on Sunday. Nothing spectacular to report. Much the same as before. The numbers:

  1. Bogey, 4
  2. Triple bogey, 6
  3. Double bogey, 6
  4. Bogey, 4
  5. Bogey, 5
  6. Par, 4
  7. Bogey, 5
  8. Birdie, 3
  9. Double bogey, 6
  10. Par, 3
  11. Par, 5
  12. Bogey, 4
  13. Birdie, 3
  14. Double bogey, 5
  15. Double bogey, 5
  16. Double bogey, 6
  17. Par, 4
  18. Birdie, 3

While I did have a couple decent holes and it was nice to end with a Birdie (really a par, if all are played as 3), the numbers shout that I am not on top of my game.

43 (+10) up front! 38 (+5) out back. 81 (+15) for the course. Certainly not my best effort. I can tell you a lot of this is avoidable, I just need to practice. Hopefully, I’ll be playing again on Thursday with my brother. We were chatting online last night and I think I’ve convinced him to come up for a round, seeing as he’s unemployed and has the time.

Burke: with Katie

I’ve been slacking a bit. I played Burke last Thursday with my sister, Kate, but haven’t gotten around to posting the results. Not that anyone cares. I don’t think anyone’s reading this but me. But anyway…

My sister turned 22 on Wednesday and we played 18 at Burke on Thursday. Here’s the results:

  1. I don’t know how I managed to do this: Double Bogey, 5
  2. I think one of my best drives on this hole. Birdie, 2
  3. Bogey, 4
  4. Par, 3
  5. Par, 3
  6. Par, 3
  7. Par, 4
  8. Birdie, 3
  9. Birdie, 3
  10. Par, 3
  11. Birdie, 3
  12. Par, 3
  13. Bogey, 4
  14. Birdie, 3
  15. Double Bogey, 5
  16. Par, 4
  17. Par, 4
  18. Birdie, 3

Basically, I shot par on the front and back 9s: 30, 32 for a total of 62 strokes. I would be so happy to have that from the blues at Patapsco. My sister ended with 5 over, which is pretty good considering she hasn’t played but a few times, and most of those with object holes instead of baskets.

I hope to play more with Kate, and my brother, and it’s nice to see them both develop an initial interest in the game without my involvement.