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welcome to the site

In a web design world dominated by cool designers with blogs who post relevant content almost daily, there's I'm not necessarily cool, and, while I do have a blog, I don't think anyone actually reads it. It was primarily about disc golf, but other aspects have crept in (music, for one). Other than the blog, I don't add relevant content almost daily. Although, at times, with my constant desire to play with code, I'm updating the stuff you don't see.

I'll tell ya what's going on here. The usual antics that any self-respecting web monkey is up to: blah blah blahing about me, my cool web designerness, etc. Like I said, the usual. Take a look around, I won't bite and neither will my site. And while we're talking about things that bite, you should consider giving up IE if you haven't already. Until it decides to be nice, you should check out some other browsers that properly interpret code the way it was meant to be.

Not much left to say, to be honest. I could say that "grum" stems from an old nickname or that I've met at least 8 other Mike Smiths in my life. I could also point out that I'm 6'3", but would it really help you understand who I am or is it all just about padding the front page?