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Patapsco and Heritage Farm Park

Yesterday, it was so nice I decided to play 2 rounds of golf: one at Patapsco around noon and the other at Heritage Farm Park (Walkersville) around 3:30. While I didn’t throw my best, I certainly didn’t throw my worst either.

At Patapsco, I ended up shooting 84 from the longs. Had I known before hand that I would be shooting both rounds of the Patapsco Punisher from the shorts (I’m in the bronze category), I would have played from those. I need the practice from them as I usually play the longs. I think I’ll try to get a short round in tomorrow. Highlights? Nothing spectacular. I had an awesome drive on 13 that would have made for a nice approach, but since I went wide of the mando, I couldn’t use it. I didn’t even get a 3 on any holes: nine 4s, seven 5s (one was OB: on 13), one 6 and one 7. I really need to improve my game on this course if I plan to finish decently at the Punisher on the 30th. Looks like I have 2 weeks to try to accomplish this. I’m going to try for at least 2 rounds each week from the shorts, if not more.

After Patapsco, I went home, saw the chilluns fresh from school and then headed to Walkersville. I shot a 65 there, but it should have been lower. If I hadn’t gone OB on #4, gotten the 5 on #2, and knocked some 4s down to 3s, then it would have been a great round. As it stands, I finished 2 strokes higher than I did there last week. No Birdies either. I ended with ten 3s, six 4s, one 5 and one 6 (the OB on #4). E showed up while I was finishing #5 and by the time I was on 11, he was one hole behind me. He joined me on 13 and we finished our rounds together. Really nice guy and I hope I convinced him to give Patapsco a try as he hasn’t played it yet.

So, as stated earlier, not my best day, but certainly not my worst. I will be posting more rounds in the future as I plan to play more and enter more tourneys.

Heritage Farm Park

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a round, so I hit Heritage Farm Park or as I refer to it: Walkersville (well, that’s where it is!). I’m liking this course more than I did when I first saw it last year (without playing it). I agree that the front 9 is more interesting and the back 9 more forgiving (wide open).

I didn’t shoot anything spectacular, but finished at +9 (pro pars: all 3s) or -9 (AM pars). Either way, I was happy given that this was my second round there. The first was a best disc round with E (he lives there Wink ) back in Feb for an Ice Bowl, so I really didn’t get a chance to see what I could do on my own.

Highlight: Deuced 6 by going over the OB. Hit the ground to right of pin and the disc spun around it leaving me an easy 10′ putt.

Anti-highlight: went waaayyy OB on 3. Still got a 4, tho.

I forget where I got what (scorecard is in the trunk of my car) but I ended up with one 2, ten 3s, four 4s, and three 5s. I could have avoided a lot of the higher numbers if I was better at putting. Damn my nice layups! They’ve ruined me for long putts. I also skipped 19 as it’s still mostly under water/mud.

In conclusion, I think I’ve found an “easy” home course to balance the terror that is Patapsco. (They’re about equidistant from me.) It’s nice to have a local course to give me back some confidence after being Punished at Patapsco. I also found I like my new Archangel that I got at a recent tourney.

Speaking of Patapsco, I played a round with RR last Saturday. I was keeping track of my scores on my cell phone, but at some point I realized that I had forgotten to enter one of the holes. By this time, I had been throwing crap, so I gave up on keeping score for myself. RR threw better than I, but it’s all about the practice. I think HFP will help me work on my drives as there aren’t as many trees to foul things up ten feet from the tee, like P-tap does.

Middletown, Walkersville, and Druid Hill: Tournies!

So I played in 2 more tournaments last weekend, one of which was an Ice Bowl.

On Saturday, the 16th, I played in an Ice Bowl that took place on 2 different courses: Middletown and Walkersville. It was pairs, favorite disc, which is similar to best disc except that we could throw from the lie we liked best as opposed to picking the best lie and then both of us throwing from there. The first round was at Middletown and it was a nice course. Cold, but nice. My partner for this round designed the course at Walkersville, which was where the second round took place. For that round, I had a new partner (we all did). This guy’s home course was Walkersville, so it helped to have him with me as I had never played it. For that matter, I hadn’t played Middletown before either.

At any rate, at the end of the day I was tied for second to last. NOT LAST! The best part, besides the free lunch ;), was the last hole: I made an awesome putt for a birdie. Made me happy. I also picked up a Maryland Tag from Sharky: #92.

The next day, Sunday, I played in the second MD Monthly at Druid Hill. This was a singles event, so I had to carry my own ass: no partner to help. The first round was from the shorts (metals) and I didn’t do too badly. Some pars, too many bogies, and one very nice birdie on #1. The second round was from the longs (woods) and I did worse: no birdies and one double bogey. Eeesh. In the end, though, I was not last, nor second from last. I finished 4th from last! Yay me. Moving on up. This was also a Tag Match, so I gave up my tag in hopes of getting a lower one. NOT! Ended up with #93. At least it was only one back.

This week, I think I’m going to blow $40 and join the PDGA as an AM. And there’s a tourney at Seneca tomorrow, but the weather’s been crap and things are slightly frozen over. I’m not sure if I’ll play, but I want to. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.