Burke Lake: An old friend…

On Sat, I had a chance to go see a Redskins pre-season game against the Steelers. A friend of mine in NoVA was able to get tickets, so I headed his way. Since he lives just a hop, skip, and a jump from Burke Lake, I headed down a wee bit early and we played a round with his GF.

Before we get to the numbers, I just want to talk a bit about BL. I really enjoy this course. It was my first and will always have a place in my heart even though it’s no longer my home course. It’s a short 18 in the woods and on the weekends can be a very crowded place. Being short, it lends itself to the newb player and allowed for me to learn the game without massively bad scores in the beginning. It also taught me about pinball. And hating trees. And made it so that when I now play courses that are out in the open and sculpted like ball golf courses, I feel out of place. “Where are the trees?” I jokingly told the guys at Druid Hill last week that one of the reasons I was throwing poorly was that the “wide open spaces confuse and frighten me.” (Think “Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer”) Of course, it wasn’t true, I was just looking for excuses.

The Burke numbers:

  1. I should have parred this one but… Bogey, 4
  2. Par, 3
  3. Par, 3
  4. Par, 3
  5. Bogey, 4
  6. Birdie, 2
  7. Par, 4
  8. Par, 4
  9. Birdie, 3
  10. Par, 3
  11. Birdie, 3
  12. I don’t even remember how I did this, but I think it was from missing a simple putt. Double Bogey, 5
  13. Par, 3
  14. Birdie, 3
  15. Double Bogey, 5
  16. Par, 4
  17. Birdie, 3
  18. Par, 4

Par: 62
Me: 63

+1 for the round. Not bad, but should have been better. I shouldn’t have any double bogeys up there, but I do and I’m not proud. But, I’m not unhappy with the round. Which brings up another thing I love about this course, it’s not hard to beat and always leaves me feeling happy.

Ah well… I think I’ll be hitting it again later this week. My sister and I have scheduled to play a round on Thursday. Hopefully it will happen. “You play?” I ask her when she shows an interest in joining me. “I’ll kick yer ass!” she responds. Game on, sis, game on.