Patapsco, back with the blues…

Well, I hit Patapsco from the blues today. Another stellar round.


While I had some very nice drives, it seems I really need to continue working on the rest of my game. You don’t think so? Check out the stats:

  1. Kid picked up my second shot, but put it back where it was for me. Bogey, 4
  2. Ouch. OUCH! (*$#@@ Triple Bogey, 6
  3. Bogey, 5
  4. Bogey, 4
  5. Double Bogey, 6
  6. This is definitely the first time parred from the blues, if not ever. Par! 4
  7. Birdie, 3
  8. Par, 4
  9. Bogey, 5
  10. Par, 3
  11. Should have Birdied this one. Par, 5
  12. This shouldn’t be here either: Double Bogey, 5
  13. Par, 4
  14. Par, 4
  15. Bogey, 4
  16. Bogey, 5
  17. Bogey, 5
  18. Bogey, 5

The totals: +8, +6 for +14 (ouch) in 41, 40 for 81 strokes. I need to shave 10 strokes off my game before my birthday (Oct 2). And that’s from the blues!

I have a knack it seems for coming up way short on approaches. I think there’s a reason for that. At least, one that I can name: today, I used 2 discs: the XS I found, and the Roc that was given to me by P. Neither was suitable for me to use for approaches. Too long. I need to bring a shorter disc for that stuff.

Today, I also started throwing the extra disc on drives and approaches. I played through a group of 4 (2 were noobs) on 4 (great drive there, btw) and saw no one else. Since I was pretty much alone and not holding anyone up, I took practice throws. Tried some sidearms. That’s going to require a lot of work. Keep throwing them too high.

Finally, I need to work on uphill drives because mine are killing me. On 2 and 16, I keep hitting ground near the red tees. I can’t tell you how much that bites my nads!