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Druid Hill: A new title begining!

Yes. It’s true. I’ve finally met another MD course: Druid Hill in Scenic Baltimore. Right by the zoo.

Via a various virtual message board, I found someone intent on playing today @ 3. When going to a new course, I prefer a guided tour. ;) I showed up and met P, G, and R; three very nice guys who were kind enough to let me schlep along with them. One was a pro! er…. Pro! They all played like pros compared to me. But I had fun and didn’t do too poorly.

We played 21 holes. I know we started with #1, but after 4, we cut into the woods for 3 “X” holes, then went back to the main course. I didn’t pay attention to actual #s on the holes, just what I shot, so the #s below might not correspond to the proper hole #.

  1. Bogey, 4
  2. Double Bogey, 5
  3. Double Bogey, 5
  4. Bogey, 4
  5. Bogey, 4
  6. Double Bogey, 5
  7. Bogey, 4
  8. Par, 3!
  9. Bogey, 4
  10. Par, 3!
  11. Bogey, 4
  12. Par, 3!
  13. Bogey, 4
  14. Bogey, 4
  15. Bogey, 4
  16. Bogey, 4
  17. Double Bogey, 5
  18. Double Bogey, 5

For some reason, I stopped keeping track at that point. I think there were a couple par 4s in the end, but I don’t recall where or if I even marked them correctly. ;) I was mostly there to play a round, meet some MD players, and as ever: practice. Need more of it, btw. ;P I’m happy I made 3 pars.

Oh, and I’m not adding them today. You can do that. I’m beat! But I will add a link to an older map I know of online. I don’t think it includes the 9 X holes. One last thing about Druid Hill, it’s the home of Thursday Night Triples, 2 hours before sunset.

Patapsco, a map!

I found this map of Patapsco online. It is very accurate and I recommend bringing one to anyone playing there for the first time. I did my first time (printed in color and then “laminated” with scotch tape). Ended up playing with a couple other guys who had been there at least 3 times before. Turns out they needed a map, too! There were 2 holes they didn’t even know existed. “Guess we’ve only been playing 16 holes here.”