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  1. We're Late For Class

    Hi Nada,

    You know us… we are WE’RE LATE FOR CLASS, an independent improv band that gives away our music. We’ve just released our 20th post, A Collection, and it features our best work from the last year.

    We’re writing you because you’ve been kind enough to promote us in the past and we hope that you might be interested in posting our new album on your fine blog. It would mean a lot to us to reach your wider audience… and to just be acknowledged by other bloggers like yourself would be a treat. Here’s a link to get all of the codes for the cool animated cover and full album MP3 player, should you like to post them for your readers…


    And you can see how all this looks on our own blog…

    Of course… as you already know, there’s nothing in this for you, except a big “thanks.” You’re already in our blog’s link list, “Bloggers Kind Enough To Promote Us Even Though There’s Zilch In It For Them.” So you’re fully aware, however, we are also contacting a few other friends and blogs to get as much exposure as we can. Since we’re not profiting from this venture, we can only hope the blogging community will help out one of their own with promotion. And… the cool animated gif (which works perfectly in Blogger) will look great on your page and draw plenty of attention. Should you need anything else, just let us know.

    We’re Late For Class is all improv and pro-herb, so an altered state of mind is highly recommend for optimum listening pleasure. You never know… you might even like us. We can be reached at werelateforclass@hotmail.com. Please feel free to tell us what you think. We’ve got thick skins and would love the feedback. Above all, thanks for taking the time to read and consider us.

    All the best…

    PS: Feel free to remove all this crap from your comments.

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