Godspeed to the Timob!

A friend is starting a big trip today. He’s hitting 48 states in an ’84 Scirocco. Supposed to take 2 months. Wish I had the time to do that, but I’ll have to be happy with a couple of cross country jaunts from the past. I’m making a donation to the trip fund and have tagged 96 $1 bills with my website and another. Maybe I’ll get some hits. I’m hoping he can spend 2 in each state, but it seems he’s hit Delaware before stopping by my office* in Baltimore, so DE might miss out on my money.

At any rate, it looks to be a cool trip. He’s got a laptop with a Verizon wireless device, so he’s posting from the road. Some updates can be seen here on the vortex.

Drive safe, Timbo!

*speaking of “my office,” I have a new one! I’m no longer working part-time through Kelly Services for Jhpiego. I’m now employeed full-time at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health as a “Web Specialist.” This means I get paid to play with HTML and CSS. I love it when that happens! If I persue my bachelor’s at JHU part-time, I go for free! ;D While I enjoyed working at Jhpiego, I love full-time much more. :) And JHSPH looks very nice on the resume!