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Patapsco, the pain!

Well, ok, Patapsco isn’t painful. What is painful is the day after playing when I’ve been playing a round every 2 days for a week. Yes, this is the end of that week and I’m a bit sore. My right bicep especially. I played 72 holes of disc golf this week. 18 on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. All at Patapsco. 3 from the red tees, 1 from the blues. BTW, I’m phasing the reds out of my game unless someone else requests them. From here on out, Mikey’s got the blues, baby!

Saturday’s round (8/11/07):

  1. Double Bogey, 5
  2. Double Bogey, 5
  3. Par, 4
  4. Par, 3
  5. Par, 4
  6. Double Bogey, 6
  7. Par, 4
  8. Birdie, 3
  9. Par, 4
  10. Par, 3
  11. Birdie, 4
  12. Bogey, 4
  13. Birdie, 3
  14. Par, 3
  15. Bogey, 4
  16. Double Bogey, 6
  17. Par, 4
  18. Par, 4

That’s the round. The totals:

+7 (+5, +2) in 73 strokes (38, 35). I should have been lower, but I wasn’t necessarily trying to beat my best. I was trying, but I was also working as a tour guide. My friend, Alex, and his gf, Vicky, were visiting and had not played Patapsco before. Therefor, I was showing them around and just playing casually. I promise to play better next time! And from the blues, too!

Patapsco, a first!

Much as I wish I could say that I finally broke even at Patapsco, I can’t.

What I can say is that I did achieve a first today: I played from the blue tees for the first time. For any course. I didn’t do too badly either. One thing I noticed: on a number of the holes, the blue tees offered a better start than the reds. Fewer obstacles. At any rate, I don’t remember much standing out, but here’s the numbers:

  1. Started this with a great drive that actually went farther than my average from the reds. Why? Fewer trees to deal with. Double bogey, 5
  2. This one went to hell straight out of my hand. Quadruple bogey(!!!), 7 (ouch!)
  3. Par(!), 4
  4. Bad drive behind the bushes on the left. Triple bogey :(, 6
  5. Par, 4
  6. Bogey, 5
  7. Par, 4
  8. I love this hole! Behind a tree, 30′ from the pin on my 2nd shot. Par, 4
  9. Liking this one too when I don’t mess it up! Par, 4
  10. Easy peasy when it’s in the A position. Par, 3
  11. Birdie, as usual, 4
  12. Still working on this one, Double Bogey, 5
  13. Par, 4
  14. Par, 4
  15. Bogey, 4
  16. Bogey, 5
  17. Bogey, 5
  18. Par, 4

All in all, not bad, if I say so myself. The first time I played Patapsco, I threw +16 from the reds. From the blues today I threw +14 (+10, +4) with 81 strokes (43, 38). Plenty of room for improvement, and I’m up for the challenge. I will beat this course, from the blues, some day. Hopefully this year!

A storm was coming in as I hit the back 9. Thunder sounded while putting 11. “Bring it on!” I yelled*, “You’re not scarin’ me off!” It continued rumbling on and off. On 17, I heard the first drops sprinkling the trees above me. Walking out of the woods to the 18th tee, I felt those few drops. A light sprinkle. I drove. As I was approaching my final shot on 18, I heard the rain hitting the trees and approaching fast. I scooped up the disc, putted it in (about 6′), grabbed it and headed into the woods. The storm was here and I was done.

* I do that sometimes when no one’s looking.

Patapsco, an addiction

I played it again today. Only 2 days since my last round. I’m sure I’ll feel a bit sore tomorrow. Wish I was in better shape, but smoking cigs for 20 years will do that. I’m sure the rest of the unhealthy lifestyle didn’t help, but it’s all changing. May 31, 2007 was my last day as a smoker and I’m playing a lot of disc golf. I know that if I was still smoking, Patapsco would be killing me!

On to the round! (After reading a local dg forum, I decided to change the way I post my rounds, plus the last post was a book!) (Also, I score each hole as it’s marked, but the unmarked ones I score as 3s. :/ )

  1. Bogey, 4 strokes
  2. this started off with an off drive into the woods (easy on this one) and followed with more crap, including a missed putt! Triple bogey, 6
  3. shook off the crap and Parred the one, 4
  4. a late release led to a Bogey, 4
  5. Par, 4
  6. Played almost like 2, crap followed by crap. Another Triple bogey! 7
  7. was in the A position so I Birdied this one, 3
  8. a phenomenal drive that left me 25′ from the pin behind a tree. And it was with my midrange MRX! Birdie, 3
  9. A beautiful drive followed by some crappy approaches. Bogey, 5
  10. Hell of a drive that put me 10′ from the pin. Birdie, 2
  11. First 3 shots were off, but had decent distance. Should have birdied. Par, 5
  12. Same as last one, but with bushes! Double bogey, 5
  13. Almost over the side, but Par, 4
  14. Birdie, 3
  15. Bogey, 4
  16. Par, 4
  17. Par, 4
  18. Par, 4

That last few were fairly uneventful. Nothing really stood out. I’ve learned on 17 that even if the drive goes off to the left and down the hill, if you still get distance with it you can salvage it.

Not bad, even though it adds to +8 (+7, +1) with 75 strokes (40, 35).
Last weeks score in this format +4 (+3, +1) with 71 strokes (36, 35).
I’d hate to see how my first round at Patapsco, earlier this year, breaks down. +16 at least.

Time for a database!

I think I’m getting closer to a regular perfect drive. ha!

Patapsco, a map!

I found this map of Patapsco online. It is very accurate and I recommend bringing one to anyone playing there for the first time. I did my first time (printed in color and then “laminated” with scotch tape). Ended up playing with a couple other guys who had been there at least 3 times before. Turns out they needed a map, too! There were 2 holes they didn’t even know existed. “Guess we’ve only been playing 16 holes here.”

Patapsco, parts I and II

I know in my last post I said I’d talk about the last time I played Patapsco. Well, today I went out and played it again, so I’ll mention both.

The round previous to today was ok. I don’t remember any specific moments of awesomeness, but I shot 5 over par in the end. Tied my personal best there. My first round at Patapsco was earlier this year, in May IIRC, and I finished at 16 over. I’ve been fighting this course since, but in the spirit of competition, not in anger, so I’ve been able to improve my game there. Immensely! The length of my drives, after studying and applying some basic techniques to my game, has grown and I’m out driving my old stuff with bad drives. The good drives now are ridiculous as will be seen below.

Today’s round was great. Finished at 4 over par, a new personal best at Patapsco. Thanks. I also kept notes on what I shot per hole instead of just adding in my head and remembering the final outcome. I figure this way, I can keep track of where I need to improve or where my game falls apart.*

I got bogies on the first two holes. +2! A great start! Really. I usually get double bogies on those holes. Of the 10 or so rounds played at Patapsco this year, this is the second bogey I’ve gotten on 1. The rest were doubles. :/ I parred the 3rd hole, even though it was in the C position and finished 4 with another bogey. Grrr, now at +3.

Birdie on 5! Even though my drive left me on the road alongside the fairway, I still birdied 5! Feeling good I headed to the 6th tee. Crap right out of the gate. Crap followed crap and I finished 6 with a double bogey. 7’s tee shot was phenomenal. It was one of those moments where as soon as it leaves your hand, you know it’s going to be a stunner of a shot. Blew me away. Since no one was around, I pointed at the result and said “And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a drive.” It was beautiful. Birdied 7.

On 8, one that can easily go bad, I threw the exact same drive as 7. Straight as could be and it landed 3 feet past the pin about 15 feet to the left. I hit the basket on my 2nd shot. Finished with a birdie. 9 was another bummer. Started with a great drive that then hit a tree. One foot to the left and I would have been money. Crap followed crap… Bogey on 9. Finished the front 9 at: 3 over par. Not bad. Still on a high, I went to the back 9.

When I had started, there was a group of 6 on 5. When I hit the 10th tee, they were just finishing teeing off there. They asked if I wanted to play through. It was very tempting, but I said “I would but it seems that when I do my game goes to hell.” They laughed, I said I was a patient guy, they played on.

I’ll be a bit brief as nothing really stood out on the back 9 like they did on the front. Parred 10. Birdied 11. One of my favorites, it’s a par 5 that is wide open. No trees, just grass. I can be on the green in 3 easy and I’ve hit the basket on eagle shots a couple of times. I’ve also screwed myself on it a few times. It’s easy to do. 12, 13, and 14 were all pars.

15 looked like it went ot hell right from the get go. I salvaged a little of it and ended with a bogey. Bogey on 16 as well. 17’s drive started hellish but took a great deflection off a tree that pushed t across the fairway and farther along. Ended up parring it. Parred 18 as well.

Like I said, the back 9 wasn’t as eventful as the front. Played it well, but I usually do. It’s the front 9 that always kills me, and that’s mainly the first 2 holes!

I’m going to try to get in another round Tuesday morning, depending on weather and chores. While few, working part-time has its perks. And then next weekend, my friend and his gf are coming up to play Patapsco for the first time. This is the friend that got me started on playing regularly and we used to play quite often at Burke and Pohick parks when I lived in northern VA. That was 5 years ago. Since then, we’ve played Burke and Seneca (a beautiful course), but this year is my first year out in 2 years. Nice to play again, especially since I’m playing better.

Parting thought… On 15, I waited for the 6some ahead of me to clear the hole. After finishing they had to walk partway back along the fairway to the 16th tee. After they cleared 15, I threw my driver and watched in horror as it shot about 15 feet above the heads and off into the woods. As I walked off after uttering a mild expletive, I heard someone in the 5some behind me say “Golf just isn’t fun unless you’re a mediocre player.” Or something to that effect. I can see his point, but it would be nice to nail every shot, every time. But I can settle for days like today. As long as I have more of them.

*- My friend, Alex, says he plays for fun and isn’t necessarily interested in working hard to improve his game. It’s a hobby. I feel the same way: it is a hobby and I play for fun. I also play for the exercise, but that’s besides the point. While playing for fun, I intend to improve my game as much as I can. I like beating the courses!

first blog post evar!

Will some one read this? I don’t know and I don’t care. I just thought I’d start whining writing about my disc golf exploits and anything else that catches my eye. Is it shiny? I’m easily distracted by shiny objects. (not really, but it makes a great excuse whenever I’m late: “Sorry, I was on my way when I was distracted by a shiny object.”)

Why am I doing this? Well, after reading Adrian Belew’s Elephant Blog, I’ve become inspired to waste bandwidth and the time of no one (Who’s gonna read this crap???). For a little while, I’ve also been toying with the idea of keeping track of my disc golf scores, improvements, etc., so here I am. If you’re lucky and I stop being lazy, I might even blog about my Scirocco and my attempts to make it go.

Oh, I also saw The Simpsons Movie. Go see it. Good stuff. And this coming from someone who’s been a fan since the beginning and has been bored with them for at least 5 years.

Next blog: My last round at my home course: Patapsco Valley State Park in Eldersburg, MD.