"will code for the hell of it…"

I’m a web monkey. I write strict HTML 4.01 and CSS that validates (usually on the first try). I do this with TextPad. No fancy-pancy editors for me. I use them when I have to, but personally, I just need a basic text editor and TextPad is my preference in that arena.

Recently, I started working part-time for a local non-profit (that works globally) and quickly found myself needing to code when I wasn’t at work. Apparently, 3 days a week was just making me hungry for more code.

So in the interest of learning more and keeping my kung-fu sharp, I’ve started playing with other people’s web sites. No hacking or badness going on, just “massaging” the code for my edification and my pleasure. This is what I do on Friday nights.

The first site I did belonged to a friend. I ended up sending him the results and the code (HTML and CSS). That was a couple months back. I also redid the 3 sites that I maintain. Today I finished the front page of a site belonging to one of my favorite musicians. While I will post the results here anonymously (for him), I’m not sure if I’m going to send his web monkeys the code as they just put up a new version (the one I “massaged”) and I don’t want to embarrass them. Besides, by the time anyone finds this blog, I’ll be dead. :)

For each site I hit, I only do the front page or main page if the front is just a splash page. Once finished, I take screen captures of the pages in Firefox and screen captures of the results of the Speed Check*. I will post these here with other information about each one. I will not be posting my code here although snippets may appear in places. Also, even though I’m only posting screen caps of the pages in FF, I will mention any issues that arise in making IE behave.

I guess that’s about it. From here on out, the posts will mostly just be the pages I hit. So, stay tuned and enjoy!

Also, if you want to hire me, then feel free to contact me via my blog’s profile.

*I use the one in the Web Developer Toolbar for Firefox.