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Drink. Start a Facebook post. Then realize you have a blog entry.

About half an hour ago I started typing up a Facebook update. As I finished it, I realized, “Shit, this is really a blog entry. Why don’t I just copy it, paste it into my blog, add a bit of a preamble, and then post the fucker?”
That being said, let me say this (and a little of that):
I don’t remember when I started, but I’ve been listening to the audio books of Stephen King in chronological order. It’s been about 6 months. I think. If you really want to know when I REALLY started, then think on this:
  • I have a 30 min subway ride, one-way, twice per day.
  • I listen to the books in the AM (the mikeomearashow.com rules my PMs!)
  • Occasionally, and by that I mean rarely (really, like once every blue moon), I skip a day, as I might have enjoyed too many liquids the night before.
  • I’ve been listening to them in order, King and Bachman titles alike, minus non-fiction, Dark Tower books and comic books/movie scripts.
  • Based on the above facts and where I currently am (see a couple lines below) you’ll be able to figure out when I really started.
I’m currently enjoying “Christine.” I’m less than 1/3 of the way and I’m in love. Actually, I was in love with it after maybe 4 chapters. I forgot how good this book is.
I had the same feeling while listening to “The Running Man,” and with that one, I had almost forgotten 90% of the story, thanks to Ahnold and Richard Dawson. It’s really fucking good. And I use that word with all sincerity.
“Rereading” the books I started reading as an early teen (and I was HOOKED then) is enlightening on so many levels.
Thanks, Pop, for handing me “Firestarter” when I was about 11. Or 12. 13? I really don’t remember. All I know is that I’ve loved horror just about as long as I’ve loved reading.
Thanks, Pop.