Patapsco, more pros!

So today I wasn’t planning on playing a round, although it was a thought in the back of my mind. Around 10:30am, I checked the MD forums and someone had put out the challenge: any course before 3. I tossed out Patapsco @ noon and it was game on!

I arrived a wee bit late, but that was due to an accident on 26. Upon arrival, I met O and G. On our way to the first tee, we meet W. W‘s been playing for 20 years I’m told and I should watch him play. I’m glad to hear this as an opportunity to learn is upon me. We set off and I didn’t embarrass myself too badly. :) W made an awesome shot on 3 and walked away with a deuce. I had never seen such an incredible shot in person.

My numbers:

  1. Bogey, 4
  2. Quad..@#$*^%$, 7
  3. Par, 4
  4. Double bogey, 5
  5. Par, 4
  6. Bogey, 5
  7. Par, 4
  8. Bogey, 5
  9. Bogey, 5
  10. Bogey, 4
  11. Birdie, 4
  12. Bogey, 4
  13. Bogey, 5
  14. Par, 4
  15. Double bogey, 5
  16. Par, 4
  17. Bogey, 5
  18. Par, 4

43 (+10) on the front 9 and 39 (+5) on the back 9 for a total of 82 (+15) shots.
Not my best, but I did the same on the front 9 yesterday. The game will come together. I will break 72 before my birthday. That means I need to shave 10 strokes off my game in one month. Hopefully, I can achieve this goal.

I might play a round tomorrow and another Monday. We shall see what awaits me.

And thanks go out to the other guys (they shot 65, 51, and 63!!) for showing me what can be done at Patapsco and for letting me play with them. It was a pleasure to meet them and I hope to see them again.