Patapsco and Heritage Farm Park

Yesterday, it was so nice I decided to play 2 rounds of golf: one at Patapsco around noon and the other at Heritage Farm Park (Walkersville) around 3:30. While I didn’t throw my best, I certainly didn’t throw my worst either.

At Patapsco, I ended up shooting 84 from the longs. Had I known before hand that I would be shooting both rounds of the Patapsco Punisher from the shorts (I’m in the bronze category), I would have played from those. I need the practice from them as I usually play the longs. I think I’ll try to get a short round in tomorrow. Highlights? Nothing spectacular. I had an awesome drive on 13 that would have made for a nice approach, but since I went wide of the mando, I couldn’t use it. I didn’t even get a 3 on any holes: nine 4s, seven 5s (one was OB: on 13), one 6 and one 7. I really need to improve my game on this course if I plan to finish decently at the Punisher on the 30th. Looks like I have 2 weeks to try to accomplish this. I’m going to try for at least 2 rounds each week from the shorts, if not more.

After Patapsco, I went home, saw the chilluns fresh from school and then headed to Walkersville. I shot a 65 there, but it should have been lower. If I hadn’t gone OB on #4, gotten the 5 on #2, and knocked some 4s down to 3s, then it would have been a great round. As it stands, I finished 2 strokes higher than I did there last week. No Birdies either. I ended with ten 3s, six 4s, one 5 and one 6 (the OB on #4). E showed up while I was finishing #5 and by the time I was on 11, he was one hole behind me. He joined me on 13 and we finished our rounds together. Really nice guy and I hope I convinced him to give Patapsco a try as he hasn’t played it yet.

So, as stated earlier, not my best day, but certainly not my worst. I will be posting more rounds in the future as I plan to play more and enter more tourneys.