Patapsco, an addiction

I played it again today. Only 2 days since my last round. I’m sure I’ll feel a bit sore tomorrow. Wish I was in better shape, but smoking cigs for 20 years will do that. I’m sure the rest of the unhealthy lifestyle didn’t help, but it’s all changing. May 31, 2007 was my last day as a smoker and I’m playing a lot of disc golf. I know that if I was still smoking, Patapsco would be killing me!

On to the round! (After reading a local dg forum, I decided to change the way I post my rounds, plus the last post was a book!) (Also, I score each hole as it’s marked, but the unmarked ones I score as 3s. :/ )

  1. Bogey, 4 strokes
  2. this started off with an off drive into the woods (easy on this one) and followed with more crap, including a missed putt! Triple bogey, 6
  3. shook off the crap and Parred the one, 4
  4. a late release led to a Bogey, 4
  5. Par, 4
  6. Played almost like 2, crap followed by crap. Another Triple bogey! 7
  7. was in the A position so I Birdied this one, 3
  8. a phenomenal drive that left me 25′ from the pin behind a tree. And it was with my midrange MRX! Birdie, 3
  9. A beautiful drive followed by some crappy approaches. Bogey, 5
  10. Hell of a drive that put me 10′ from the pin. Birdie, 2
  11. First 3 shots were off, but had decent distance. Should have birdied. Par, 5
  12. Same as last one, but with bushes! Double bogey, 5
  13. Almost over the side, but Par, 4
  14. Birdie, 3
  15. Bogey, 4
  16. Par, 4
  17. Par, 4
  18. Par, 4

That last few were fairly uneventful. Nothing really stood out. I’ve learned on 17 that even if the drive goes off to the left and down the hill, if you still get distance with it you can salvage it.

Not bad, even though it adds to +8 (+7, +1) with 75 strokes (40, 35).
Last weeks score in this format +4 (+3, +1) with 71 strokes (36, 35).
I’d hate to see how my first round at Patapsco, earlier this year, breaks down. +16 at least.

Time for a database!

I think I’m getting closer to a regular perfect drive. ha!