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  1. We're Late For Class

    Dear Smitty,

    We’re Late For Class here. Thanks for your support in the past. We don’t pester our blogging buddies for space every time we release something. But, for #40 – a 2-CD best of called Another Collection, we thought we might ask. Blogroll links are the best, as that’s about our only source of traffic. #40 is streaming and available for FREE download on our blog…

    You can post #40 Another Collection, if you’d like. We’ve even made it easy by creating a page with codes to our animated artwork and MP3 players so your readers can hear ALL of both CDs (listening on YOUR blog, not redirected). There’s even some text if you don’t want to bother writing it up. Just copy and paste whatever you want. Naturally, we’d be VERY thankful. And, in the future, when our species comes to rule this planet, your name will be on the protected scrolls so that no harm will come to you…

    As Always… Thanks,

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