Heritage Farm Park

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a round, so I hit Heritage Farm Park or as I refer to it: Walkersville (well, that’s where it is!). I’m liking this course more than I did when I first saw it last year (without playing it). I agree that the front 9 is more interesting and the back 9 more forgiving (wide open).

I didn’t shoot anything spectacular, but finished at +9 (pro pars: all 3s) or -9 (AM pars). Either way, I was happy given that this was my second round there. The first was a best disc round with E (he lives there Wink ) back in Feb for an Ice Bowl, so I really didn’t get a chance to see what I could do on my own.

Highlight: Deuced 6 by going over the OB. Hit the ground to right of pin and the disc spun around it leaving me an easy 10′ putt.

Anti-highlight: went waaayyy OB on 3. Still got a 4, tho.

I forget where I got what (scorecard is in the trunk of my car) but I ended up with one 2, ten 3s, four 4s, and three 5s. I could have avoided a lot of the higher numbers if I was better at putting. Damn my nice layups! They’ve ruined me for long putts. I also skipped 19 as it’s still mostly under water/mud.

In conclusion, I think I’ve found an “easy” home course to balance the terror that is Patapsco. (They’re about equidistant from me.) It’s nice to have a local course to give me back some confidence after being Punished at Patapsco. I also found I like my new Archangel that I got at a recent tourney.

Speaking of Patapsco, I played a round with RR last Saturday. I was keeping track of my scores on my cell phone, but at some point I realized that I had forgotten to enter one of the holes. By this time, I had been throwing crap, so I gave up on keeping score for myself. RR threw better than I, but it’s all about the practice. I think HFP will help me work on my drives as there aren’t as many trees to foul things up ten feet from the tee, like P-tap does.

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