Damn you, Adrian Belew!

Not. I really have no desire to damn Adrian. Only to thank him and buy him a lemondrop martini. I think that’s the drink. The reason: I purchased Side Two last week and I haven’t been able to let a day go by without listening to it. I once even followed the advice at the end and listened to it again!

A little background on my musical tastes/needs/requirements: I love music. I love good music. I love well orchestrated music. This last one is important to me. When I consider buying a CD, it’s usually not a random act. I do so deliberately. On those rare occasions I have bought one at random, I have usually been screwed. How so? Well, most of the CDs I own are by artists that I enjoy and therefor I enjoy everything on the CD. When I buy without discrimination, then I end up with CDs where I like one or two songs and feel the rest is crap. I don’t like that feeling. I also like listening to my CDs in their entirety, which makes this point even more valid. How can I enjoy a CD if I don’t like 90% of it? Everyone understand?

So, I bought Side Two. 1) The music is incredible. Given what Adrian has done with King Crimson, I was not surprised that I would enjoy his solo work. I WAS flabbergasted at the fact that EVERY track on Side Two is a stunner. 2) The organization of the CD, the order of the tracks, the spaces in between… all work together on this piece. So much so, that I have yet to listen to any one song by itself. I don’t know if I can. As a whole, this CD is powerful and I love it.

So, Adrian, in closing, thank you, thank you, and keep up the good work! I can’t wait to purchase more!