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Wreath Title Screen Cap Wreath Title Screen Cap After talking to the owner of these local Subway stores, I realized that while he was happy with his overall design of the original site, he wasn't happy with the code. There were other issues he wanted me to fix as well.

I cleaned up the original design a little bit, but the main overhaul of this site was under the hood. While the original layout wasn't based on tables, it was in "nested DIV hell". I rewrote all the HTML and CSS to be semantic and valid. I also added an iframe for the menu page as he didn't want to have to maintain a separate list of items from the main Subway site. I leveraged some pre-made jQuery to make the navigation sticky as you scroll down the pages. I also added a useable Google map on their locations page so people could easily find stores near them. Lastly, I tidied up the contact form and the catering page.