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The VW Scirocco. I love this car. There are so many things about it which make it easy to love. It's light, nimble, and quick. I tell people that it's like driving a go-cart with all the amenities of an automobile. I also tell people that if they'd just take one hour and drive one on some back roads, then they, too, would be in love. The cars are simply amazing.

For Scirocco info and lore, I can think of no better place than This place is where you want to start. Great info, pics and an incredible wealth of knowledge and people in the form of the .org mailing list. Another good place to look is the Scirocco Forum of the VWVortex. The list and the forum seem to be overlapping, so if one area can't help, the other probably can. For parts, there's only a few places worth looking, IMO. On the West Coast: Potterman, on the East Coast: Adirondack, and if you're near Baltimore: World Impex.